Let’s Talk Bitcoin LIVE! 10-11:30am Pacific August 4th Immutability vs Consensus

The Ethereum Immutability vs Agreement Debate

On this unique LIVE episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Sign up with Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy, Andreas Antonopoulos, Martin K?ƒ& fnof; ppelmann(Gnosis, Anthony Di Iorio(Jaxx and Charles Hoskinson (IOHK for a discussion and moderated dispute about the future of Ethereum.Watch live here on LetsTalkBitcoin.com or RSVP to go to. Note that this will likewise be released on Saturday as the Podcast episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin!Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

will be relaying an unique live episode at 10am Pacific TODAY with first a 30 minute host discussion followed by the moderated debate.Andreas Antonopoulos will be signed up with by Martin K? & fnof; ppelmann, founder of Gnosis representing the ETH chain viewpoint, Anthony Di Iorio of Jaxx representing the middle co-existence position and Charles Hoskinson of IOHK representing the ETC chain point of view. I am naturally streamlining their positions, you can hear the debate on your own by RSVPing here. This will also be launched as an audio podcast on LTB this Saturday. The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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