Rush Throughout America: Jackalope Recap, Anarchist Justice, Bob Podolsky, and Agorist Hosting

In this Dash Across America upgrade, John and Feline share their experience while at Jackalope Liberty Celebration, a weeklong outdoor camping festival where anarchists and off the grid types collect in the woods to take part in spontaneous order, trade, and fun.

John shares an exclusive story about how a band of anarchists handled a violent aggressor who lost his mind at the occasion. It’s rather the story and you will not want to miss it!This upgrade also include an interview John did with Bob Podolsky, author of Fluorish and founder of the Titania Society and an interview with Drew Phillips and Derek Slopey of Agorist Hosting, a hosting service that solely accepts bitcoin in exchange for their services.

Thanks for following along, there is a lot more to come!Thanks to our

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