Beyond bitcoin: The future of blockchain and disruptive financial technologies

On January 14, the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at Brookings explored the future of distributed ledger technology, paying special attention to the innovation’s impact on financial services and policymaking.


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11 thoughts on “Beyond bitcoin: The future of blockchain and disruptive financial technologies”

  1. Ripple is just an attempt to protect current power structures in the blockchain era, with gateways which are banks. And regulators, how do you live with yourselves when you are just parasites with god complex.

  2. The banks whores here – trying to create doubt. Fun to watch them in the five stages of the grieving process.

  3. The NY laws are just causing crypto companies to leave NY and cut off citizens of NY from crypto products. As a programmer in the space I've seen numerous conversations from developers who simply assume their products will block New York access. Unless the intention of the law is to protect Wall Street banks, it is clearly failing.

  4. Yea we only want to deal with "regulated banks", that way they can't run wild and crash our global economy or suck out of the life savings of 99% of our people.

    We have a long way to go before we get an honest conversation on Bitcoin!!!!

  5. If traditional finance manages to shore up their monopoly with the blockchain, that will not be good for anyone but big banks….

    It kills me to know there are people so naive about this after all that we went through since 2008. smfh

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