DEVCON1: Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol – Vitalik Buterin

DEVCON1: Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol - Vitalik Buterin

DEVCON1 09:20am Day 3

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin ( presents on the intricacies of the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol.
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  3. I love when he mumbles and trips up, its like his brains processing speed is faster than he can even get the words out lol, hes such a likeable genius! This was one of his best talks ever

  4. This is the best technical explanation of Ethereum I found so far. It all makes so much more sense now. Fascinating stuff!

  5. Soul Wisdom Productions

    To me this says there is a lot to learn and keep up with…exciting times for all of us

  6. Turned out that 'nonce' flag was bunk and it still allowed the attacker to call that pay function thousands of time to rob the system… Lol

  7. nobodyreally needstoknow

    so, … so, so … so basically, so .. so, so .. so so so. basically, so, so so

  8. Truly amazing stuff! Mr Vitalik is a true genius. He is a bit awkward when he presents, but he is self-effacing and guileless so his awkwardness somehow enhances his presentations. The audience loves him, you can tell!

  9. Anthony Kenyagoh

    It's very rare to see videos on YouTube without a single dislike. That goes without saying, your delivery is fantastic. Keep up!

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