EB132 – Stephan Tual: Building A Universal Sharing Network On Ethereum And A $150M DAO

In this episode we invite back Stephan Tual, the COO of Slock.It, a German startup working at the intersection of the Web of Things and the Ethereum blockchain. Slock.It?’? s little group likewise wrote the smart contracts that power?’?˜& tilde; The DAO?’?, a decentralized capital management entity that just recently raised north of $ 160 million for investing into Ethereum based tasks.?’?˜& tilde; The DAO?’? has been included in many traditional news outlets, such as New york city Times, Wall Street Journal and the Economist.The interview checks out the vision, motivation and difficulties behind both?’? & tilde; The DAO?’?˜and Slock.It. Some of the subjects talked about in this episode are:

  • Stephan?’? s background and function as CCO at Ethereum Foundation.What is?’? & tilde
  • ; The DAO?’?˜and how it connects to Slock.It.DAOlink and the company
  • opportunity of enabling interactions in between DAOs and standard firms.Opportunities, assumptions and challenges for?’? & tilde;
  • The DAO?’?. Vision and products of Slock It˜-Univeral Sharing
  • Network and the Ethereum computer.Links discussed in this episode: Slock It Site The DAO The

DAO on Github The DAO Whitepaper Why I? ‘? ve Resigned

  • as a Curator of the DAO Is The DAO going to be DOA?Sponsors:
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