The Tatiana Show ?'” Dr. Mary J Ruwart & Ned Scott of Steemit

Tatiana and Josh interviews Dr. Mary J. Ruwart & Ned Scott of Steemit.Topics of conversation

consist of the presidential race, libertarians making a difference, Left-wing politics, Steemit and incentivized posts.Ned has purchased cryptocurrencies

and blockchain advancement for over three years. Prior to establishing Steemit, he worked as an Analyst at the Gellert Global Group.Dr. Ruwart works as Chair of the International Society for Individual Liberty and Secretary of the Foundation for a Free Society. She has actually been an At-Large member of the Libertarian National Committee, served on the Board of both the Heartland Institute and the Completely Educated Jury Change Association.More Info:< br/ > The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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